Hornady XTP Bullets Jacketed Hollow Point


Hornady XTP Bullets Jacketed Hollow Point

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hornady xtp bullets 38 caliber 125 grain jacketed hollow point

Hornady XTP Bullets Jacketed Hollow Point

Hornady XTP (Extreme Technology Project) is a brand of ammunition produced by Hornady Manufacturing Company, a well-known American company that specializes in firearms and ammunition. Hornady XTP Bullets Jacketed Hollow Point

Hornady XTP bullets are designed for high-performance and accuracy, and are commonly used for hunting and target shooting. They are jacketed hollow point bullets, meaning they have a metal jacket around the bullet that protects the soft lead core and enhances accuracy. Hornady XTP Bullets Jacketed Hollow Point

The 38 caliber 125 grain Hornady XTP bullets are specifically designed for use in revolvers and semi-automatic handguns. They have a high velocity and are capable of delivering consistent, reliable performance, making them a popular choice for target shooting and hunting.

Hornady XTP bullets are designed to expand rapidly upon impact, creating a larger wound channel that helps to stop the target. They also have a low recoil and are relatively quiet, making them a popular choice for hunting and target shooting.

It is important to handle Hornady XTP bullets with care and respect, following all safety guidelines and protocols. This includes proper storage, handling, and disposal of the ammunition to ensure the safe and responsible use of firearms.

It is also important to note that the use of Hornady XTP bullets is subject to regulations and laws, and that it should only be used as per the manufacturer’s instructions and local laws. Additionally, it is important to be aware of the potential risks and responsibilities that come with owning a firearm, and to follow all safety guidelines and regulations to ensure the safe and responsible use of firearms.


Hornady XTP Bullets Jacketed Hollow Point | Hornady XTP Bullets Hollow Point for sale

Hornady XTP bullets were designed for hunting, self-defense, and law enforcement. One of the great things about the XTP bullet is reliable performance, it features controlled expansion where six serrations divide the bullet into six symmetrical sections. These sections weaken the jacket to allow controlled expansion at low velocities and ensures fragmentation does not occur at high velocities. The XTP bullet is really known for its stopping power. They were designed from the beginning to expand reliably at a variety of handgun velocities and deliver deep, terminal penetration with every shot. Most handgun bullets are designed to perform at a single factory-specified velocity where the XTP bullet is designed to offer controlled expansion over a range of velocities. Hornady XTP Bullets for sale. Optics Ammunition Shop

Each XTP Bullet has a swaged core and drawn copper jacket to ensure uniform expansion and in-flight stability. Adding a cannelure to this bullet keeps the core and the jacket locked together while also allowing the cartridge case to tightly crimp, adding security at high velocities. This is not loaded ammunition. Hornady XTP Bullets in stock. Hornady XTP Bullets Jacketed Hollow Point

Is Hornady XTP a hollow point?

The Hornady XTP Hollow Point Handgun Bullets feature XTP® Hollow Point tips that are designed to expand up to 1.5x their original diameter at a wide range of velocities to deliver deep penetration. A heavy jacket over the shank of each bullet stands up to high pressures and velocities.

Are Hornady XTP bullets any good?

Since not all those who shoot also reload, Hornady offers the XTP in factory ammo. Of late I have been using a lot of the company’s 9mm loads, and I’ve found them (as expected) brilliantly accurate and reliable in expansion and penetration. Hornady doesn’t load its 9mm rounds as hot as some other brands do.

Made In United States of America

WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to –



0.309 Inches, 0.452 Inches

Grain Weight

250 Grains


50 bullet, 100 bullet


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