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HK SP5 30 RD 9mm 8.86″ Pistol Extra Mags


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hk sp5 for sale

The HK SP5 is a semi-automatic machine gun designed and manufactured by Heckler & Koch. It is a versatile machine gun that is designed for use in a variety of environments, including military and law enforcement use. The HK SP5 is a compact and lightweight machine gun that is designed for use in close-quarters combat. It is available in different calibers, including 7.62mm and .50cal, and is available in different configurations, including a carbine-length variant. hk sp5 for sale

The HK SP5 features a modular frame and a removable charging handle, which allows for easy customization and maintenance. It is also equipped with a Picatinny rail for added versatility and a collapsible stock. The machine gun also features a red dot sight and a threaded barrel for use with suppressors.

The HK SP5 is considered a reliable and accurate machine gun that is easy to use and maintain. It is also known for its durability and robustness, making it a popular choice for military and law enforcement use.

Please note that the availability of this machine gun may vary depending on the region and country where you are located. It’s important to check with local regulations and laws before purchasing or owning a machine gun.

Also, it’s important to note that the use of suppressors may be regulated or restricted in some regions, so it’s important to check with local laws and regulations before purchasing or owning a suppressor.

It’s important to note that the sale and ownership of machine guns may be heavily regulated in some countries, and it’s important to check with local laws and regulations before purchasing or owning a machine gun. It’s also important to note that the use of machine guns in certain contexts may be restricted or prohibited.


HK SP5 | hk sp5 for sale

The HK SP5 for sale is an authentic civilian sporting version of the legendary MP5 machine gun. Holding 30 rounds of 9mm ammo, the HK SP5 pistol is sized for dynamic shooting in close quarters with an overall length of 13.9-inches. Features on the H&K SP5 include a roller-delayed blowback operating system, an onboard elastic “bungee” sling, which facilitates stability and reduces fatigue, a 4.53-inch long Navy barrel with threaded tri-lug adaptor, a paddle magazine release, fluted chamber, and chrome-lined bore. For an affordable Heckler and Koch SP5 price at Optics ammunition shop, you get a rifle style pistol that redefines the pistol-caliber carbine platform. hk sp5 for sale in stock 2022. The best place to buy HK In stock for 2022 in All 50 States in the USA, Canada etc.

hk sp5 for sale

Made in Germany, the HK SP5 pistol for sale 2022 is a semiautomatic weapon modeled after the legendary MP5 submachine gun. The H&K SP5 8.8″ 9mm pistol features a Navy barrel with a fluted chamber and a threaded tri-lug adaptor, a paddle magazine release, a four-position rotary rear sight and fixed front sight, and the highly reliable roller-delayed blowback operating system. Sleek and simplistic in design, this civilian sporting pistol is a Heckler and Koch original, and comes complete with a durable black soft case, a proprietary bungee sling, and two 30 round magazines. hk sp5 for sale in stock 2022. If you want to buy hk sp5 for sale 2022, consider Shooters Gun Store USA as a final stop. We are a reliable Ammunition Shop with affordable prices on the hk sp5 for sale in stock 2022

HK SP5 worth it?

The HK SP5 is really the only pistol worth comparing to the MP5. Throughout over 1,000 rounds of ammo, the pistol ran flawlessly both with and without a suppressor. HK’s iconic three-lug, hammer-forged barrels are perfect for attaching almost any kind of suppressor, and it even includes ½ x 28 threads for doing so.

Can you legally own a SP5?

A semi-auto version called SP5K is available for about $2,500, legally classified as a pistol and sold same as a regular pistol, with just a regular background check and no registration. The catch here is that since it has a barrel that is shorter than 16 inches, it cannot legally have a stock. buy you can buy SP5 

Product Specifications

  • Accessories:Soft Case, Manual, Lock
  • Barrel Length:8.86″
  • Caliber:9mm
  • Capacity:30
  • # of Magazines:2
  • Color:Black
  • Front Sight:Fixed
  • Grip:Pistol
  • Grip Color:Black
  • Operating System:Blowback
  • Overall Length:17.8″
  • Rear Sight:4 Position Rotary
  • Sight Radius:13″
  • Trigger Pull:6.74 – 10.11 lb
  • Weight:5.1 lb

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