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Glock 44 – .22LR

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  glock 44 22lr

The Glock 44 is a semi-automatic pistol developed and manufactured by Glock, Inc. It is chambered in .22 Long Rifle (.22LR) cartridges. The Glock 44 is a single-action pistol, which means that the hammer must be manually pulled back before the trigger can be squeezed. Glock 44 – .22LR

Some key features of the Glock 44 include:

* A 10-round magazine capacity
* A 5-inch barrel
* A polymer frame
* A stainless steel slide and barrel
* A manual safety/decocking lever
* A removable magazine
* A slide lock

The Glock 44 is a popular choice for target shooting and hunting, as it is accurate, reliable, and easy to use. It’s also a popular choice for self-defense, as it’s a small and compact pistol that is easy to conceal.

It’s important to note that the Glock 44, like any firearm, should be handled with care and in accordance with all safety guidelines. It’s also important to check the local regulations before using it.

glock 44 22lr 50 round magazine

Yes, it is possible to use a 50-round magazine in a Glock 44 chambered in .22 Long Rifle (.22LR) cartridges. However, it’s important to note that the Glock 44 is designed to use 10-round magazines, and using a 50-round magazine would require modification to the pistol and the magazine.

The Glock 44’s magazine release button is located at the base of the grip, and it’s not designed to accommodate magazines larger than 10 rounds. To use a 50-round magazine, you would need to modify the magazine release button to allow it to be used with a larger magazine. Additionally, you would need to modify the magazine to fit the larger capacity.

It’s important to note that the use of modified firearms and magazines is not allowed in many places and it’s illegal in some jurisdictions. It’s also important to follow all safety guidelines when handling and using any firearm, including modified firearms.


  Glock 44 for sale | Glock 44 In 2022

Yes, you can purchase a new and used Glock handgun on this website and get it ship to your area with or without a background check. Then, you don’t have  to go to a dealer and fulfill the local and state requirements necessary to own a Glock 44 for sale at which time you can take delivery of your Glock g44. Just order here

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Just add the parts to your shopping cart and please make a note in the comments section providing us with any details or special requests. All factory parts will still be sent with your Glock purchase. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Glock 44 handgun

                                                 Glock 44 for sale Glock 44 In Stock 

The Safe Action system boasts 3 automatic independently-operating safeties that provide consistent trigger pulls. Adjustable rear sights. Includes two 10-round magazines. Glock 44 for sale Manufactured 2022.
The G44 is the ideal pistol to start or enhance your shooting experience. The innovative design of the hybrid steel-polymer slide chambered in our first .22 caliber round provides a lightweight and low recoil functionality for optimal control. Used guns for sale

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The Glock 44 is Glock’s first dedicated .22LR pistol. With the ergonomics of the Glock 19 Gen5, this pistol is sure to feel at home in any shooter’s hand!

Whether you’re a new shooter purchasing your first Glock, or a seasoned competitor buying your fourth, the Glock 44 makes

Manufacturer model #: 119218.

Chambered for the .22-cal. round

Glock 44 handgun
Low recoil for total control

Glock g44
Hybrid steel-polymer slide
GLOCK Marksman Barrel for maximum accuracy
Perfect for almost any hand size
3 automatic independently-operating safeties
Adjustable rear sights
Includes two 10-round magazines

Glock 44 for sale

Firearm Specifications
Caliber: 22LR
Magazine Capacity: 10 Rounds
Model: UA4450101
Barrel Length (inches): 4.02
Overall Length (inches): 7.28
Height (inches): 5.04
Trigger Pull: 5.84 lbs.
Weight (unloaded): 16.4 oz.


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