Custom Damascus Target Gun 1911


Custom Damascus Target Gun 1911

A custom Damascus target gun is a handgun that has been modified or “customized” to be used for target shooting. It is likely that the gun is based on the 1911 design, which is a popular and widely-used semi-automatic pistol that was first introduced in 1911 by John Moses Browning. Custom Damascus Target Gun 1911

Customizing a gun can involve a variety of modifications or changes to the gun’s design, such as adjusting the sight or grip, changing the barrel length, or adding a compensator or other accessory. In the case of a custom target gun, it is likely that the gun has been modified specifically for target shooting, such as by adjusting the sights to be more precise or by adding a compensator to help stabilize the gun when firing.

It is important to note that firearms, including custom guns, can have significant impact and should be handled with care and respect. It is always a good idea to seek proper training and guidance from experts before using firearms, and to follow safety protocols and guidelines to ensure the safety of oneself and others.


This one-off custom 1911 was crafted with a carbon Damascus slide made from hammer-forged carbon Damascus steel commissioned from Pennsylvania Blacksmith Rob xtreme, a renowned bladesmith widely known from History’s Channel, Forged in Fire.  We envisioned the owner of this 1911 using it frequently, and thus we added our new clinton Sight mount, a xtreme gun SRO, and extended mag well to help with target acquisition and magazine changes. The lower was also crafted in-house from a block of American stainless steel.



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