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bradley smoker bisquettes

Bradley Smoker Bisquettes are a type of wood pellet that are used in smokers and grills to infuse food with a smoky flavor. These bisquettes are made from compressed wood chips that have been infused with smoke and other flavorings, such as hickory, mesquite, applewood, and pecan.

The bisquettes are designed to be burned in a smoker or grill to create a smoky flavor that is similar to that of wood chips. They are typically used in a small amount, usually a handful or two, to add a smoky flavor to the food being cooked.

Bradley Smoker Bisquettes are designed to be burned at a low temperature and to be used in conjunction with a smoker or grill that has a smoke box or a smoke port. They are also designed to be used in conjunction with a smoker or grill that has a built-in temperature control system, so that the temperature can be adjusted as needed to achieve the desired flavor.

It’s important to note that Bradley Smoker Bisquettes are not a substitute for wood chips and should not be used as a replacement for wood chips in a smoker or grill. They should be used in moderation and should be burned at a low temperature to avoid burning and to avoid creating a bitter taste in the food.

It’s also important to note that Bradley Smoker Bisquettes should not be used in any other type of fireplace or stove, as they are designed for use in smokers and grills only. Additionally, it’s important to store them in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and moisture, and to keep them away from any flammable materials.

It’s important to use Bradley Smoker Bisquettes only in smokers and grills and not in any other type of fireplace or stove. Additionally, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for handling and using these bisquettes safely and responsibly. It’s also important to note that the use of Bradley Smoker Bisquettes is not allowed in some places, so it’s important to check the laws and regulations of your area before using them.


Bradley Technologies Hickory Bisquettes (120 Pack) Mfg# BTHC120

The secret to the Bradley Smoker is the Bradley flavor Bisquettes. To produce the bisquettes, the hardwood chippings are bound together using precise quantities, at controlled pressures and densities. The flavor of the smoke is determined by the variety of wood being burned. The Bradley Smoker burns a flavor bisquette once every 20 minutes producing a clean smoke flavor. As each is burnt, it is gently pushed from the burner element by the next bisquette, to be extinguished in the pot of water. The cycle continues for as long as the Bradley Smoker is loaded with bisquettes. bradley smoker bisquettes 2022 Optics Ammunition Shop


– Hickory Flavor
– Produces a clean smoke flavor


– 120 Pack
– Flavor: Hickory

Can you use a Bradley smoker indoors?

So I warm the pipe up by turning the smoker on to 160F for 30 minutes before I turn on the smoke generator. … If you don’t, you’ll have a building full of smoke. On of top my Bradley Smoker, I have a piece of flex pipe screwed directly to the top of the smoker over top of the dampener.

Can I leave my Bradley Smoker outside?

Keep it Hot

Getting your smoker up to 200+°F is easy in Summer. Mine is usually half way there before I even turn it on. But in Winter, your smoker loses a lot of heat to the outdoors. Heat escapes through the metal of the smoker and cold air is brought in to keep fueling the combustion process.

Can you use a Bradley Smoker in winter?

Heat retention is what you are looking for, and you can precisely get that from the Bradley Pro P10 Smoker. We have designed it to withstand and function effectively in cold temperatures and provide you with maximum heat retention.

How far away should an electric smoker be from the house?

It’s best to put your smoker on a flat and even surface. Make sure it’s at least 10-feet away from your home so the heat doesn’t damage your siding. Avoid windy areas so it’s easier to light the wood or charcoal. Optics Ammunition shop


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