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Beskar Gun

Beskar Gun

As for the parts of a gun, there are several key components that make up a firearm:

* Barrel: the long, cylindrical tube that holds the ammunition and propels it through the gun when fired.
* Chamber: the part of the gun that holds the ammunition before it is fired.
* Trigger: the mechanism that allows the user to fire the gun.
* Stock: the handle that the user grips to aim and fire the gun.
* Magazine: a detachable container that holds the ammunition in a gun.
* Bolt carrier: the component that carries the bolt and bolt carrier group (BCG) in a semi-automatic gun.
* Bolt carrier group (BCG): the component that includes the bolt and other parts that work together to extract and eject the empty case from the gun and load a new one.
* Charging handle: a lever that the user pulls to load the gun with ammunition.
* Safety: a mechanism that prevents the gun from firing when it is not supposed to.

These are some of the key parts of a gun, but there may be other components as well depending on the specific type and design of the gun. It is important to understand the different parts of a gun and how they work together to ensure the safe and proper use of firearms.


In a nod to pop culture, the Beskar Damascus gun is a truly one-of-a-kind pistol with a pattern forged slide that was worked to imitate the look of the Mandalorian Steel.  Like the fictional material it emulates, Damascus steel has been used to forge weapons for millennia due to its superior durability and strength.  The grips on the Beskar gun are a one-of-a-kind piece in themselves as they are elder wood inlaid with meteorite chips suspended in resin.  This pistol is finished off with a diamond front sight…. the one thing tougher than Beskar gun steel. This is the way


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