22 LR – 38 Grain CPHP – Aguila – 250 Rounds


Aguila Super Extra 40 gr

Aguila Super Extra 40 gr is a type of .22LR ammunition that is designed for hunting and target shooting. The diameter of the bullet is 40 grains and the length of the cartridge is 50 millimeters (209mm). The bullet is designed to be highly accurate and to have a moderate range, it is intended for use in short-range handguns and revolvers. The bullet is a “Compressed High Performance” (CHP) bullet which is designed to be denser and more uniform in shape than traditional hollow-point bullets, which makes it more effective at penetrating target materials. 22 LR – 38 Grain CPHP – Aguila – 250 Rounds

It’s important to note that Aguila Super Extra 40 gr is a high-performance bullet and it is not recommended for use in semi-automatic handguns. Additionally, it’s important to handle .22LR ammunition with caution, and it’s recommended to follow all safety guidelines when using firearms. Also, it’s important to check the specific product and the supplier to confirm the availability and the price, as it may vary depending on the location and the specific product.
It’s recommended to check with local ammunition suppliers or online retailers to see if they have Aguila Super Extra 40 gr in stock. 22 LR – 38 Grain CPHP – Aguila – 250 Rounds

It’s worth mentioning that Aguila is a Mexican ammunition manufacturer that has been in business since 1911. They are known for their high-quality and reliable products and they are widely available in the United States and other countries


Are you fed up with squirrels breaking into your shed at night to steal your trash, sneaking into your house to replace your mouthwash with green antifreeze, and hacking into your kids’ online college registration websites to switch their academic majors? Let those little villains know that enough is enough with this 22 LR ammo by Aguila!

This box contains 250 squirrel punishers. Each round is armed with a 38 grain copper-plated hollow point, a bullet designed to feed reliably, reduce the accumulation of lead residue inside the barrel, and mushroom to significantly wider than 0.223” as it tunnels deeper and deeper into soft tissue. A CPRN bullet isn’t wasted on regular paper or plinking targets, and its harder-than-lead exterior promotes more reliable feeding in semi-automatic firearms – pistols included. 22 LR – 38 Grain CPHP – Aguila – 250 Rounds

Run this ammo through a semi-auto, bolt-action, lever-action, pump-action, or revolver and you’ll still be able to appreciate its precision drawn brass cases, non-corrosive rimfire primers, clean-burning propellant, and non-magnetic projectiles. They really know how to make 22 LR down in Mexico!


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