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Hornady Match Grade Bushing 2-Die Set

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2-Die Set

A 2-Die Set is a type of die set used in probability and statistics. It consists of two dice, usually six-sided, that are used to generate random numbers. 2-Die Set  The numbers on each die are typically numbered from 1 to 6.

The set can be used to simulate independent events, such as the roll of two dice, or to generate random numbers for simulations and models. The probabilities of rolling a particular number on a single die can be calculated using basic probability theory. The probabilities of rolling specific numbers on two dice can be calculated using conditional probability.

A 2-Die Set is a simple yet powerful tool for generating random numbers and simulating independent events. It is widely used in many fields such as finance, physics, engineering, and computer science.

It’s important to note that while the use of a 2-Die Set can provide useful insights, it’s not a substitute for statistical models and analysis. It’s important to understand the underlying assumptions and limitations of the set and to use it in the appropriate context.


2-Die Set | 2-Die Set for sale 2022

The Hornady Match Grade New Dimension Bushing 2-Die Set is designed to provide the ultra precision and match winning performance demanded by serious shooters. The Match Grade Dies feature self centering, interchangeable neck sizing bushings, that are held to strict tolerances to provide superior accuracy. This die set includes a Full-Length Sizing Die and Seating Die with Roll Crimp. Plastic storage box and two Sure-Loc rings included. Shellholder sold separately. 2-Die Set for sale 2022. 2 Die Set for sale


  • Sizing die features precision-polished elliptical expander to reduce friction and case-neck stretch.
  • Seating die features seater adjustment screw, built-in crimper, locking retainer spring as well as a floating bullet seater alignment sleeve and seating stem, which pre-aligns the bullet and case before seating occurs.
  • Shellholder not included. 2-Die Set in stock

Use of Hornady Match Grade Neck and Full Length Dies and Bushings:

  • Hornady Match Grade dies have a separate, interchangeable neck size bushing (not included with die).
  • The dimension of the bushing (inside diameter, listed) determines the neck size when the brass is inserted into the die.
  • Standard dies size to SAAMI minimum specification and this is often not necessary, as a particular rifle, brass type and chamber may not need minimum dimensions. Less sizing results in less working of the brass.
  • Using some loaded or dummy cartridges that fit the rifle’s chamber without excessive play, measure the diameter of the case neck. Subtract .001″ from that diameter and the result should be a reasonable starting point for the correct bushing dimension. Select a size that is at that dimension or just under it.
  • Bushings work in both the neck and full length Match Grade dies. The bushings are available in .001″ increments. 2-Die Set in stock for sale 2 Die Set in stock for sale
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