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If you are looking to buy Desert Eagle guns You don’t have to search much longer to find great Desert Eagle pistols for sale here at Shooters Gun Store Shop. As the largest online gun auction in the world, we offer several variants of the Desert Eagle, including the Mark I, Mark VII and Mark XIX. A gas-operated, semi-auto pistol, the Desert Eagle is primarily used by hunters, target shooters and for silhouette shooting. Not to be confused with the Micro Desert Eagle, which is intended for personal protection, the Desert Eagle is a customizable handgun able to handle a variety of cartridges and magazines. If you’re intrigued about the Desert Eagle and want to learn more, visit the Product Center to uncover all the information you need.

Desert Eagle: A Famous History
To say the Desert Eagle looks good on camera is an understatement. The pistol has been featured in hundreds of Hollywood films like RoboCop and Cliffhanger, and also on television shows like Miami Vice and Fringe. Designed by Bernard C. White of Minnesota-based Magnum Research in 1983, Magnum’s current models also include the Magnum Lite and Mountain Eagle, and a revolver known as the Magnum Research Big Frame Revolver (BFR). The Desert Eagle uses a gas-operated mechanism that’s normally found in rifles and not the blow-back or short recoil designs that describe most semi-auto pistols. The earliest variation of the Desert Eagle put into production was the Mark I, which was chambered in both .357 and .44 Magnum versions.
If you’re still intrigued about Desert Eagles for sale but want to do your research, you can get plenty of details about Desert Eagle models at the Shooters Gun Store Product Center. Morning, noon and night, the Product Center is chock full of information about manufacturers and guns from A to Z, as well as product reviews, images, hunting gear, ammunition and then some.

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