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What are the 209 primers used for? – 209 Primers in stock now – Primers for sale



Shotshell Primer 209 CCI® Shotshell Primers provide reliable, clean-burning performance for any modern shell with a 209 primer pocket. The 209 primers are excellent for standard field and target loads, while the 209M is ideal for heavy waterfowl and turkey loads.

Are all 209 primers the same? – Winchester 209 Primers – Shotgun primer

There is no magic solution and any generic 209 will work, just at different power levels which affect velocity, blowback, recoil, and fouling for your specific load. 5 years is no problem for primer shelf life as long as they are not obviously corroded or stained, etc. Buy Quality 209 primers for sale at #Opticammunitionshop

Are Wolf 209 primers good?

Registered. I have used Wolf 209 primers for many years, probably shot close to 300,000. They are a great primer, easy on firing pins. Very few misfires, had more Remington factory ammo misfires than that of Wolf. order Wolf Primers in stock 2022 At Optics Ammunition Shop

Can you use shotgun primers in muzzleloaders?

Just use any standard shotgun primer with it. Blackhorn recommends a true shotgun primer, not the muzzleloader specific ones.

Why is there a shortage of 209 primers?

It’s been reported that primers are the current weak link in the supply chain. According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the reason for the shortage was due to hoarding by shooters and the same may be true with primers and other reloading components today. All Was Available at Our Shop

Can I use 209 primers for muzzleloaders?

Though they have the same exterior dimensions as a typical 209 shotshell primer, Winchester 209 muzzleloader primers are specifically designed for use in a muzzleloader. In fact, the folks that manufacture Blackhorn 209 specifically recommend NOT using 209 muzzleloading primers like these for most reliable ignition.

What primers are used for 12 gauge?

0.209” or 5.31mm: Shotgun shell and muzzleloader primer such as 12 gauge and 20 gauge shotgun ammo. 0.210” or 5.33mm: Large rifle or large pistol primer such as .

What is the difference between 209 and 209a primers?

The 209a is a hotter primer than the must use the load data for the right primer application, The 209a will develope more pressure in place of the 209…go by the book!!!

Can any 209 primer be used in a muzzleloader?

Can you use 209 shotgun primers in muzzleloaders?

If the action will close with a regular 209 primer, yes they will work. Shotgun 209 primers are hotter than the muzzleloader 209 primers, and some have a thicker lip. fn 5.56

Which is better Winchester 209 or Cheddite primers?

The Cheddite is a larger primer than the Winchester. This may cause the primer pocket to be expanded and in the future may cause you some fit issues if you choose to go back to the Winchester primer forcing you to ‘resize’ all of the primers pocket. Grab A 209 Primers Near Me At Optics Ammunition Shop

To improve ballistic performances with most available powders, Cheddite has developed its dependable and powerful Clerinox primer (US type).  The regularity of Cheddite primers provide a reliable powder ignition at optimum sensitivity.  This regularity is obtained thanks to a strict quality control of all components : anvil, chamber, cap, mixture and to a continuous performance checking of the primer itself as well as when combined with a specific reference cartridge loading. All At Optic Ammunition Shop

The non-corrosive explosive mixture does not contain mercuric compounds.  The word, “Clerinox” is a trademark coming from the contraction of the words Clerieux (place in France where the primer paint originates) and “inox” which comes from the meaning, inoxadable=waterproof/stainless (and by extension, non-corroding).


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